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FIFA 20 and Doom
FIFA 20 and Doom

PlayStation 5, Bully Cancelled & More – Primal Newscast #26

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Welcome to the Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.

Bully 2 Cancelled

Based on a report by VGC, the development process for Bully 2 has been kicked-off in 2010 with a direct sequel to Jimmy’s story in mind, but the studio has stopped working on the game since 2013. According to the source, Bully 2 was supposed to feature Jimmy as the main character once again. The team had planned to begin the story from Jimmy’s step-dad’s house in Summer holidays, though there was no clear decision on how it would be followed.

Rockstar England was responsible for cultivating the concept of Bully 2 “between a year and 18 months” but for some unknown reasons the project resulted in nothing and the team behind it moved on to other titles.

This is unfortunate as Bully was a very popular game with an interesting brawler combat system. The new game could’ve added some new features and content such as an actual Prom Night which the previous Bully seemed to have left out.

To experience a failure in developing Bully 2 might make Rockstar drop the IP, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t be revived once again with a whole new idea in mind.

PlayStation 5 to Get Launched in Holiday 2020

After a brief confirmation from Sony on development of the next PlayStation console earlier this year, the company officially announced that its next console is named PlayStation 5 as it was expected and it will be hitting stores in Holiday 2020 same as Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett. Fortunately, the news doesn’t end here with Sony sharing dozens of new information on PS5 and its accessories.

First things first, the devkit patent that was rumored to be related to PS5 is real. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean the final product is going to be similar to the devkit in shape and design, but it could hint at the ultimate appearance of PlayStation 5 at launch.

Aside from the design, Sony has also revealed two new innovations in PS5 controllers in purpose of delivering a more realistic experience for the players. First off, the rumble technology in controllers is going to be replaced by haptic feedback which provides an expanded range of feedback from controller in different situations that are happening within the game. According to Sony, crashing into a wall in a racing game is going to feel much more different than tackling in a football game. Even the roughness of the ground can be felt on controller through the haptic feedback.

The second big overhaul in PlayStation 5 controllers have been applied on R2/L2 triggers, which can now hold various resistance in front of the player’s fingers. This functionality allows developers to set multiple resistance states for the triggers in different situations. Imagine a situation like drawing a bow and arrow or driving a car in muddy path.

Doom Eternal Has Been Pushed Back to Next Year

One of the launch titles for Google’s Stadia, and Bethesda’s most anticipated product for 2019 has been delayed until March 2020. The official Twitter account of Doom Eternal revealed via a new statement that the game is going to get released next year on March 20, instead of this year’s November 22nd.

Id Software has indicated that the only reason for the delay is to deliver a more polished experience in the same quality that is expected from Doom series. In order to make up for the bad news, id Software has added Doom 64 as a pre-order bonus for Doom Eternal on all platforms.

PS5 Backward Compatibility Might Not Be Able to Run Every PS4 Game

According to new data coming from Famitsu, when Sony was asked about the functionality of PS5’s backward compatibility, the answer suggested to wait a bit longer for precise updates on this brand new feature in Sony’s PlayStation series. Sony says:

Our development team is currently hard at work in order to make 100% backward compatibility with PS4 possible. Please wait for further information.

Furthermore, it’s going to feature an overhauled appearance in UI as well as granting players a full control on which parts of a game to download and install. In addition to this, PS5 will be using a 4K blu-ray drive and SSD powered hardware.

Sony’s European Teams Cut by Dozens of Employees Earlier This Week

According to Wired a group of Sony America directors have reached out to the company’s London branch to inform them of a big layoff in PR, Marketing and other sections. The cut has also affected the team behind creative services in United States.

For now, there’s not enough details on what’s going on in Sony and why the company is putting aside its key staff just before the start of next generation. It seems Sony has planned for a whole new direction with PlayStation 5, and it somehow put the company at risk to change its successful managers after having a great performance with its current-gen console during the last six years.

The only interesting point here is the undeniable influence of Sony’s America branch over the other divisions. With Layden leaving his role at Sony Interactive Entertainment, it seems his visions are also going to be replaced by new structures at the body of the company.

FIFA 20 Surpassed 10 Million Players

Simulating the world’s most popular sport in video games could bring you an unbelievable success if the quality meets the expectations. For FIFA 20, there might be some issues yet, but they will never affect its incredible sales in less than a month after launch. Right now, over 10 million people have played the game which seems to be a great milestone for EA Sports team and the series.

According to Electronic Arts, since its launch, 450 million matches have been played and over 1.2 billion goals have been scored. Speaking of VOLTA Football, 5 million avatars have been created there as well. Going over the stats out of the game, the subreddit for FIFA 20 has grown 610.2% after the game’s launch back in September 27th.

Need For Speed Heat Has Gone Gold

Announced by Ben Walke, global community engagement manager at EA, Need For Speed Heat has gone gold recently and will surely be available on November 8th. Moreover, Walke shared two brief gameplay videos of the game on his Twitter, with one of the showing a Chevy Camaro carving donut on the asphalt and the other one representing a customized Mustang getting repaired by going into a Gas station.


So what do you guys think? Do you think that Sony has a good reason for all of the layoffs? Well what about Doom Eternal getting pushed back, doesn’t that coincide with other releases? Let us know in the comments

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