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Buddy Adventure
Buddy Adventure

Play Favorites with Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure

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Pokémon GO players will soon have all-new ways to interact with their favorite Pokémon through the game’s upcoming ‘Buddy Adventure’ feature.

Pokémon GO has always been a game about interacting with the world around a player, even if their eyes are glued to their phone. The all-new Buddy Adventure feature aims to leverage the cutting-edge augmented reality technology of the Niantic Real World Platform to further blend the real and digital worlds together.

When players enable AR+ mode in Pokémon GO, the Buddy Adventure feature allows a Buddy Pokémon to react to its trainer, who can directly play with and feed their Buddy to earn new Perks. According to a developer’s insight post on the official Pokémon GO website, Buddy Adventure expands on the ability players have now to walk with their Buddy Pokémon to earn candy. Buddy Pokémon will earn experience through Buddy Adventure, and as their Buddy Level rises, they will gain new abilities such as alerting players to interesting PokéStops, help trainers in battle with other Pokémon, and more.

“The experience of Buddy Adventure goes beyond the AR experience,” said Ethan Chan, Technical Lead for Buddy Adventure and Pokémon GO client engineer. “You see your buddy on the map. Your Pokémon is growing alongside you. Your Pokémon can help you in Pokémon encounters once you reach a certain Buddy Level, which really makes you feel like your Pokémon is there to help you. It creates a special feeling. You and your buddy have a real partnership.”

In addition, Buddy Adventure’s upcoming shared AR mode will allow up to three trainers using AR+ to take a group photo of their Buddy Pokémon together, encouraging the creation of epic Pokémon moments and capturing new memories with friends.

Interested fans can check out the trailer for Buddy Adventures below:


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