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People Can Fly
People Can Fly

People Can Fly Hiring For Upcoming AAA Game, New Job listings Help Give A Better Picture of The Project

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Last year, People Can Fly, the developer behind games like Bulletstorm, Painkiller, and Outriders announced a new AAA project. According to the studio, this new project is being developed under the working title “Project Dagger” and that will be published by Take-Two Interactive.

Now over 70 job listings were placed on their website recently, all of which seem in conjunction with this new project. The positions being hired for including Senior Animators, Engine Programmers, level designers, and more. These jobs range in location from Chicago and Montreal, as well as Poland where the main studio is located.

Among these job listings is also a listing for a Writer, describing the game as featuring a “compelling original story content consistent with company philosophy and vision.” This implies we can expect a strong narrative out of this game. On top of that, many of the listings require experience with online and multiplayer games which makes the game sound similar to their previous title Outriders.

Other job listings that might offer insight into what gamers can expect are a listing for Senior Concept Artist which states “People Can Fly is looking for a passionate Senior Concept Artist. You will be responsible for creating cool environments, characters, weapons, and vehicles.” Similarly, Senior Combat Designer requests applicants have  “experience shipping AAA TTP / shooters /cover shooters titles in combat or systems design roles.”

Another listing also implies that this game will be a third-person shooter similar to other games in the companies library. It is unclear if this project is intended to be a new title to take the place of Outriders or if it will be in conjunction with the game. Last we heard, publisher Square Enix had not given the developer any indication of their sales numbers, as well as any royalties for the title. It makes sense their next project would ditch that publisher, though it is hard to know their obligations to the game in any deal they might have signed.

According to the job listings, the game is being developed for previous-gen (PS4, XBOX One), along with next-generation consoles (PS5, XSX), and PC. This model might change as the prior gen gets phased out over the next year or two.

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