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Paragon PS4 Pro Reveal Trailer

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Paragon PS4 Pro Reveal Trailer

Designed by the team at Epic Games, an all-new early access launch trailer for Paragon has been revealed ahead of the highly anticipated March 18 launch for PS4 and PC.

While the trailer is exciting, fans shouldn’t expect any newly revealed characters, as Epic Games is most likely saving them for larger, higher stakes marketing opportunities. All of the characters shown in the first gameplay trailer from Paragon seem to be included, luckily. This includes several characters that aren’t “officially” unveiled, as the game’s website continues to show only five of Paragon‘s Heroes. Most of the time spent in the trailer follows Steel, a melee brawler with a few cybernetic tricks up his sleeve.

Check out the Trailer:

“With years of experience creating beautiful and immersive action games, we knew we had something fresh to bring to the MOBA genre. In Paragon, we put you in the middle of the action with direct control over your hero. At the same time, we made the decision to preserve what makes MOBAs great. Paragon is not a hybrid. It is clearly and faithfully a MOBA, brought to life with explosive action.

Console development is in Epic’s DNA, so we set out to create a great experience for PlayStation gamers. This is not a port. The gameplay feels great on DualShock 4. Cross-play between PS4 and PC is seamless and the game saves your progress and items across both platforms.”

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