Overwatch – What to Expect in This Year’s Winter Wonderland

Overwatch – What to Expect in This Year’s Winter Wonderland

Today, we’re taking a whistle-stop tour of Overwatch and its latest patch update, which has brought a whole host of seasonal cheer! There are some really great skins this year, including but not limited to a frosty blue get-up for Ashe, a seriously cool outfit for Lucio, and the much-coveted new look for Mercy. These skins are available in the new winter loot boxes, which you can earn normally by leveling up, or by playing the returning Arcade game mode, which sees Mei hunting down the Yeti (aka Winston) with an all-new tool in the Yeti-trap to keep that jumpy-boy in place. Or you can have some fun throwing snowballs in the new Mei’s Snowball offensive – where one missed shot can see you taking some time to chill!


I’ve actually played a good deal of the Yeti Hunter game-mode today as Mei, and it’s a great way to quickly earn your weekly chest drops as the games are short and sweet. Plus, you’ll be earning Winter Wonderland boxes, so that’s more chances to reveal some of this season’s lovely new skins!

Don’t forget that the return of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland also means that you can access the previous year’s winter-themed skins, and at a discount too! I know I’ll be taking a good look at that Sombra skin, and might even spring for the Casual Hanzo (not that I need another Hanzo skin, but hey.) This is a great time to use any currency you’ve got saved up for some unique skins and cosmetics!

Which skins are you hoping for this year? Make sure to let us know in the comment section, either below this article or beneath the video on Youtube! Good Luck!

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