Overwatch – Quick Healing Tips

Picking a character in Overwatch can actually be quite daunting for new players, there are 28
characters and all of them have their own specific play style, which means newer players may
have a difficult time playing catch-up.

A healer may be the toughest class to play in Overwatch, players will have to figure out a play
a style that works for them, are you the type to get into the fray or do you prefer to step back and
let the DPS players do the heavy lifting?

For players that prefer a good fight, Moira and Brigitte are your best choice, they are capable of
dealing damage while also healing allies simultaneously with their ultimate abilities. Players
who prefer to stay back should choose Zenyatta or Ana, they can deal damage from afar and
heal allies from a distance. But there is also a third play style, mobility, that’s where Lucio and
Mercy becomes top picks, they are able to travel across a map quickly to aid comrades and
heal just as quick.

Pay close attention to ability cooldowns, these are the most important part for healers, Lucio
can boost his healing and speed ability, Mercy can revive fallen teammates, Moira can heal
allies from across the map, etc.

Players who master the ability cooldowns can change the course of a match, the best way to
learn cooldowns is by using them at the start of a match when the timer is counting down.
This will give players a safe spot to see how long each ability takes to recharge.

During a match don’t lose sight of your teammates, while capturing points is great you are still a
healer, most of your focus will be on-screen prompts from teammates asking for healers and
charging into battle. They rely on you more than they do their own abilities, you keep them in
the game and they will not hesitate to blame the healer.

Avoid tanks, they are the most dangerous threat to healers, while damage dealing healers may
be able to fight off smaller DPS characters like Tracer or Symmetra, they will be hard pressed
to win against Zarya or Reinhardt. Fall back and allow your DPS teammates handle them for

If possible stick with your tank as much as you can, they can fend off DPS characters that try
to focus on you and can even provide a distraction for you to escape.

Lastly, use your ultimate ability wisely, healers may not be able to build your ultimate as fast as
other classes but their ultimate abilities can change a match in their favor. Learning when to
use your ultimate is essential and will take time to master.

Those were just some quick basic tips on healers and I will go into further details on ultimates,
play styles, mobility vs DPS hybrid and much more in the future.