Meet the Latest Overwatch Tank Hero Orisa

Meet the Latest Overwatch Tank Hero Orisa

Built by the child prodigy Efi Oladele, Orisa is a repurposed OR-15 robot designed to protect the streets of Numbani. Fitted with a new personality core to help instill the robot with a sense of duty and honour, Orisa is still a bit of a liability to those in Numbani, but she is developing into the city’s stalwart defender.

A tank hero that excels on the frontline of combat with the ability to summon a shield wall, buff up friendlies and charge straight through slowing effects, this four legged robot is not to be messed with.

Her health is 200 health and 200 armor – but even as she’s a tank, it seems she’ll be used more as an offtank/support character. She does not have a very good engage, and has no way to escape easily if the battle goes awry.

Like most major Overwatch updates, Orisa will be available on the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) server for PC players to try out today, with a final release for primary PC servers and consoles scheduled for the near future.

Check out the Videos:

“Orisa is a Tank class character, meant to soak up a lot of damage and help defend teammates, which fits right in line with the hero’s origin as a security robot. Orisa’s primary weapon is the Fusion Driver, which functions like a projectile-based machine gun, with some of the best range of any of Overwatch’s tanks. The Fusion Driver has an alternative fire mode that can drag enemies in place to more easily fire at. Her Protective Barrier ability is similar to Reinhardt’s shield or Winston’s bubble, but with the added twist that Orisa can place the shield away from herself to shield allies. Aditionally, there’s the Fortify ability which prevents Orisa from being knocked back by other heroes when activated. Finally, Orisa’s Ultimate is Supercharger, is the drum-like device on her back that Orisa can place to provide a damage boost for all allies within line of sight (although players will need to protect the Supercharger once it’s placed, since it can be destroyed).”

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