Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Officially Unveiled At BlizzCon

Fans of Overwatch can rejoice and cheer, as Overwatch 2 saw its official reveal today at BlizzCon.

Unveiled with the cinematic trailer “Zero Hour, Overwatch 2 will feature different PvE modes for players to enjoy, as well as the first new game mode introduced since the game’s original inception. In addition, players who are attached to their cosmetics in Overwatch 1 need not worry, for all cosmetics and heroes will carry over into Overwatch 2, as the development team stated they have no desire to separate the Overwatch community into two entities.

Interested readers can view the cinematic and gameplay trailers for Overwatch 2 below.

Announcement Key Points:

  • New pvp game mode – “Push” in which players escort a robot similar to payload maps in Overwatch 1.
  • New map – Toronto, the first map set in Canada.
  • Many other new maps, including Gothenburg (Sweden), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
  • PvE Story missions – following the story of Overwatch after the events in the cinematic trailer.
  • PvE Hero Missions – designed to be deeply replayable, equivalent to world quests in WoW or adventure mode in Diablo.
  • Level up heroes in PvE, choose talents as you level in a progression system.
  • Different enemy groups in hero missions, such as Null Sector, Talon, and more.
  • No talents, items, or hero progression from PvE modes will affect PvP game modes.
  • New art style, new way of creating hair, eyes and skin.
  • Hero appearance will reflect the passage of time since Recall
  • An upgraded version of the Overwatch engine, not an entire new engine.
  • New HUD’s for each hero meant to reduce distraction in PvP.
  • New heroes, including Sojourn, the first Canadian hero.
  • New announcer.
  • Will release for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • No release date in mind as of yet.
  • Team will likely “go dark” after BlizzCon to focus on game development.
  • No new archives event in Overwatch 1 this year so the team can concentrate on Overwatch 2.
  • Archive event will still occur, with new skins and collectibles as usual.
  • New feature coming to the live game: Choose an activity while waiting in queue for 2/2/2 modes, including a new deathmatch mode specifically made for waiting players.

More details for Overwatch 2 are sure to come in the future, as Jeff Kaplan stated that Overwatch 2 is still in development, and the team has “a long way to go.” All systems are subject to change, and what was shared today at BlizzCon is intended to give players an idea of the general direction they wish to take the game in.

Gaming Instincts is covering BlizzCon live until closing ceremony, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back for the latest updates on all your favorite Blizzard games!

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