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Overcooked Is Free on Epic Games Store Until July 11

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PC gamers will be receiving Overcooked for free this week on Epic Games Store.

The co-op cooking game is a real fun experience for those who are looking for a game to play with their friends. In Overcooked, you are a skillful chef who has to cook every demanded food in the shortest time possible. While you can play it solo, offline and online co-op are also available to play it with up to 3 partners. The more you get partners in the game, the more it gets easier to run the restaurant and make all the things ready in a blink of an eye.

Aside from cooking, you’ll have to clean the plates and encounter some creative challenges through the map you’re playing in. Overcooked features a wide variety of maps that each one provides you whole new challenges.

The sequel for Overcooked was released last year with great reception of fans and media. If you’ve played Overcooked 2, now you have a golden chance to get your hands on the first title of the series via Epic Games Store. The game will be available for free until July 11. You can add it to your account via this link.

After Overcooked, wait for Torchlight on Epic Games Store as the next free title.

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