BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released the brand new ONE PIECE game ONE PIECE World Seeker. Players join the protagonist of the ONE PIECE series, Luffy, along with his friends as they set out on a new adventure to stop the war on Prison Island.

Throughout their adventure, players will be able to increase their move set by investing skill points into three skill trees. As players progress throughout the game, Luffy will become more proficient in battle, mobility, and stealth. The player will also be able to learn unique attacks that allow them to clear out groups of enemies or deal large amounts of damage to one target. With the games unique tension gauges, players can play as Luffy like never before and pull-off Luffy’s strongest moves. Players can also use Luffy’s unique Gum Gum ability to swing and glide across the island with speed and agility.

ONE PIECE World Seeker was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC March 15th, 2019. You can let us know your thoughts on the game, or if you’re playing it at the Gaming Instincts Twitter Account.