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NVIDIA Might Announce New Models for RTX Series at E3 2019

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While we are almost one week away from E3 2019, speculation on the event and the companies that will be present in there with brand new products gets bigger and bigger especially around publishers that haven’t confirmed their attendance yet; such as NVIDIA, the green hardware giant.

While it was expected to see new update on RTX graphics at Computex 2019, NVIDIA didn’t reveal anything about it and now new rumors offer that the company will host an announcement to introduce new models for RTX series with faster powerhouse within. It’s being said that the new models will be revealed for RTX 2060, RTX 2070 and RTX 2080.

According to Tweaktown, RTX 2080Ti won’t be getting any new update at the show in order to remain the company’s most powerful GPU so far. The new models are expected to feature GDDR6 memory along with improved clocks. The name for the new edition of GPUs is still unknown but some guess that we’re going to see the word “Super” on new RTXs.

NVIDIA RTX series is currently the flagship GPU of the company that features Turing architecture and Ray-Tracing capability.

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