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Multi vs. single player: These are the Advantages and Disadvantages

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Computer games are a popular pastime and the selection is so large that everyone can find a
suitable game here. While some go for simulation classics, others prefer to play in the
newest online casinos but one of the most important questions that many players always ask
themselves is: single or multiplayer? Both game variants have advantages and disadvantages
and ultimately it is also a question of taste. For some games, the decision doesn’t even have
to be made because they are designed for single players only.

It all began with single-player games

When the first consoles entered the living rooms, they were designed for single player fun.
Playing together with others was only possible if the people were in the same room and if
there were multiple controllers. So statistically, there was much more playing alone than
together. The greatest adventures of the gaming world were contested by ambitious gaming
fans alone; only later did more and more multiplayer games come along, which completely
changed the gamer’s life.

Today, there are numerous games that are not playable alone, but also those for which
there is no co-op or multiplayer mode. But what are actually the advantages of a player
diving into a computer game alone, without human support? Actually, there are several: Less
pressure to perform: playing alone means there’s no pressure to perform and you don’ have
to prove to the team that you’re a good player.

Less time pressure: In a multiplayer game, progress is entirely up to you. If you play solo, you
decide when you want to continue your game. More story at your own pace:
Most multiplayer games focus less on story and more on action. A single-player game, however, is
perfect for letting yourself be fascinated by the story and experiencing it at your own pace.
And boredom? Isn’t it boring when no one else is around and the game is simply played
alone? Not at all. Anyone who used to play with a Gameboy or one of the first consoles will
know that playing for hours on end was no problem at all. Whether there were people in the
room or you were playing alone was usually not even registered.

Computer games in singleplayer mode are designed to avoid boredom. Provided, of course,
that it is a game that suits the type. Then the player is very quickly captured in the virtual
world and finds himself between NPCs and quests. There is no time for boredom.

The multiplayer game – different variants possible

Multiplayer games are by no means all the same, there are considerable differences.
Peaceful playing together or action-packed dueling – there is a suitable type for everyone.
The Coop Game: In coop mode, two players play with each other, cooperating. This type of
multiplayer game can also be a story-heavy game, where players travel through the story
together. Third party gamers cannot participate in such a game.

The classic multiplayer game: in the classic multiplayer game, several people gamble with
each other and build worlds, compete in journeys, fight battles and much more. Depending
on the game type, the maximum number of players may be limited. The PvP multiplayer
game: A PvP game is the counterpart to the PvE game. PvE stands for person vs. environment, PvP
for person vs. person. So here real players compete against each other.

Team Play or Single vs.

Another difference between the individual multiplayer games is whether individuals
compete against each other in PvP mode or teams. In the classic shooter Rainbow Six Siege,
for example, teams consisting of five people form to compete against other teams, also
consisting of five people.

In console highlights like Mario Kart 8, on the other hand, individual players compete against
several other individual players on their way to victory. Even if several people are gaming on
the same console, they become competitors during the game.

What are the advantages of multiplayer mode?

Multiplayer games are very popular and it is not uncommon for true gamer friendships to
develop through communication via Teamspeak or Discord servers. The advantages of a
multiplayer game are manifold, but in the end it is purely a matter of taste and type, which
game mode is preferred.

Social interaction in the game: One of the great advantages of multiplayer games is the
social interaction. Players talk to each other via headset, laugh, exchange ideas and plan
their game strategy. This can create real friendships. More help in case of mistakes: If
you don’t get along in the game, you often try the try and error principle. In the multiplayer
game, more help is available because experienced players can introduce beginners and
support them. More variety in the game: While a single-player game is completed after a
certain story, multiplayer games offer much more variety. Each round is a new adventure,
the course can vary, and the possibility to improve oneself spurs many players on.

The impending death of single-player games

Experts are convinced that single-player games are facing extinction. In fact, the world of
gaming has changed. More people want to play together with others, appreciate the
adventure possibilities in multiplayer gaming.

After all, that’ one of the biggest drawbacks to single mode. Once the campaign of a game is
played through, the game is over. GTA V, the long-running hit from Rockstar Games, is a
good example of this. The game, which is still popular today, started with a single player and
a multiplayer mode. While the single-player campaign is completed after about 30 hours of
play, the multiplayer mode is still played actively today, more than four years after its

The game makers themselves thus benefit from developing multiplayer games, as they are
used for longer, generate significantly more sales and enjoy greater popularity.

Conclusion: Advantages and disadvantages on both sides

It is clear that the advantages and disadvantages are present in both types of games, and
that the decisive factor is the preferences of the player himself. The offensive multiplayer
game, together with a group of other people, is not appealing and desirable for every type of
gamer. Therefore, combined alternatives, which can be played not only alone, but also, if
desired, with others, are the ideal solution. No compulsion to communicate, but the ability
to switch to multiplayer mode if needed provides options and takes all types of gamers, from
the ambitious loner to the party-loving multiplayer.

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