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Great Izuchi
Great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Great Izuchi

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The Great Izuchi is central to the first Urgent Quest in Monster Hunter: Rise’s single player campaign, and serves as a perfect first encounter for any beginner player. 

What to Expect.

As his name implies, The Great Izuchi is the leader of the pack and brings along two lesser Izuchi as companions. Keeping track of the two smaller creatures is critical to success. For his part, Great Izuchi has some tricks up his sleeve but nothing that is unmanageable; he attacks by swiping with his tail, charging at the player, spitting, and spinning. 


When fighting The Great Izuchi, it is vital that you aim for its head and its tail tip, as those are the two weakest parts of his body. For those who want to inflict elemental damage, we recommend using Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust for maximum effectiveness. In addition, you should avoid using Fire, Water, and Ice, as these have little to no effect on The Great Izuchi.   

The Great Izuchi Stat screen


Great Izuchi will sometimes lean back on his tail and spit at you. When this occurs, just side step out of the way, as this attack will travel in a straight line. If the spit attack hits, don’t worry – you may suffer waterblight which slows stamina recharge, but that can be healed with a simple Nulberry. 


Great Izuchi takes a step back to roar and raise his hands like a little T-Rex, before starting to charge forward. Like the spit attack, you can just side step or roll out of his way and not take a scratch.   

Tail Swipes 

The Great Izuchi has two variations on this move. Sometimes, he will twist his body to curl up his tail next to his head before jumping and performing a 180 degree spin, swiping his tail as he lands. To avoid this, step backwards once or twice depending on your proximity to him.

Other times, the tail swipe attack consists of him roaring and flipping his tail down in a straight line.    


This is The Great Izuchi’s most dangerous attack and requires you to be particularly cautious. This attack allows Great Izuchi to spin three times in a large radius, taking up a great deal of space in the process. You will know when he is about to spin when Great Izuchi jumps backwards and puts his tail up in the air in a fashion similar to the lead-in to his first tail swipe attack, as your hunter shouts a warning. 

During this warning, roll off to the Great Izuchi’s furthest side as far as you can. Avoid his spin at all costs as this will take out half of your health or outright cart you if you are not paying attention.  

Range VS Melee

If you are a long range player, your bow or bow gun will keep you out of harm’s way. Furthermore, as long as you stay light on your feet, Great Izuchi’s companions won’t be much of a hindrance. Your biggest concern will be Great Izuchi’s charging attacks as he covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. 

Melee users should stay by Great Izuchi’s side or near his lower half, since it’s easier to read his moves from those angles. As for his companions, if you are using a sweeping weapon like a charge axe or a longsword, lure the smaller Izuchi next to the Great Izuchi and bunch them together to take them all out at once. 

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