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Monster Hunter Rise Lagombi OP
Monster Hunter Rise Lagombi OP

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Lagombi

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A giant rabbit who uses its agility and power to overtake opponents, Lagombi is an early monster first encountered in the two star quest Rabid Rabbit. 

What to Expect 

Lagombi borrows its tells and some of its attacks from Arzuros, meaning similar strategies should be employed here. However, it isn’t all familiar territory;  Lagombi distinguishes itself in how it uses its speed to slide around on the ice-covered terrain and throw snowballs. In addition, the lagomorphic creature can propel itself forward, jump high in the air, and slam down on the ground to crush you. 


With Lagombi’s habitat being covered in snow and ice, it is only natural that the beast would be most weak to Fire. That said, Lagombi also has a lesser degree of vulnerability to Electricity weapons. 

If you want to inflict elemental damage, be sure to use Poison, Paralysis, and Blast. Stun and Fireblight can also be viable in combat, but are less effective. You should outright avoid using Sleep, Exhaust, Waterblight, and Iceblight, as these have little to no effect on Lagombi.



Like the Arzuros before it, Lagombi will stand on its hind legs and swipe its claws between one and four times. Dodging this attack is simple enough; you can just roll to the side and play things safe.


Lagombi will use three types of snowball attacks, each requiring a different evasion technique.

The first variant sees Lagombi dipping its paws into the snow, rolling one ball, and throwing it on one side of the player. It then quickly throws a second ball to the opposite side, causing you to have to dive back and forth between directions. To avoid this attack, make sure you step to one side and roll away from Lagombi. If you are a ranged player, you are able to shoot one or both of the snowballs, destroying them before they have time to reach you. 

Alternatively, Lagombi might roll up one snowball and arc it in your direction. You can roll forward or off to the side to evade this attack. The last of these snowball strikes is Lagombi’s most dangerous attack. It consists of Lagombi rolling up a massive snowball with which to hit you. You should use a Wirebug to dash to the side, as this attack has a wide area of effect. 

Jumping Roll 

When Lagombi is further away from you, it will shake its head and tail while on all fours. This means that Lagombi is about to jump into the air, come crashing down, and roll after you upon landing. The trick to evading this blow is to keep your eye on where Lagombi is landing, and either continue to roll diagonally away from it or use a Wirebug to dodge out of danger. 

Rushing 180 Swipe 

As Lagombi is quite fast, it will use its speed to its advantage and rush towards players. Once Lagombi reaches the end of its slide, it will do a 180 degree spin and slash around itself. Afterward, Lagombi will repeat this attack on another stride. To avoid it, dash off to the side and don’t get too close until after its second run.

Range VS Melee 

Range players should keep in mind that Lagombi will utilize a ranged approach to deal with bow and bow gun users. This includes a heavier reliance on snowball and rush based attacks. It’s important that you keep your stamina up and, when Lagombi is sliding, that you use a Screamer Pod to knock it off balance and stagger it. Two of these Pods will be provided for you in the supply box at the beginning of the quest.

Melee players will have to deal with Lagombi’s full range of attacks and thus have to exercise more caution when hunting. The best strategy is to make use of the Screamer Pods and pick up an extra Wirebug for dodging and Silkbind attacks. It’s worth noting that Lagombi will also attack any other monster that comes in range of it. Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity to mount a monster and use it to fight Lagombi will make this fight much easier for you. 


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