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Kulu-Ya-Ku op
Kulu-Ya-Ku op

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Kulu-Ya-Ku

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Kulu-Ya-Ku makes a return from Monster Hunter: World as part of the three star hunt Walking on Eggshells, bringing an abundance of charm to the world of Monster Hunter Rise.

What to Expect 

Kulu-Ya-Ku is a Bird Wyvern known for its agility, as well as its ability to dig up rocks and pots in order to defend itself. Kulu also makes use of dash attacks, beak pecks, and leaping attacks to keep hunters on their toes.


Kulu-Ya-Ku is most weak to Water-based weapons, though it can also be hurt to a lesser degree by Fire, Electricity, Ice, and Dragon. Given that the latter four elements all cause the same amount of damage to Kulu-Ya-Ku, it doesn’t matter which element you choose as an alternative to Water. 

As for ailments, your sole options in this fight are Stun, Blast, and Waterblight, as all other ailments are ineffective against Kulu-Ya-Ku. Keep in mind that Kulu-Ya-Ku’s weak point is its head and that you should aim for it only when you are in a safe position.

Kulu-Ya-Ku Stats


Peck Attack

Kulu-Ya-Ku will take a step forward and peck three times in a row. Kulu’s peck attack is one of its favourites and happens on a dime, which makes it hard to predict. If you stay to Kulu’s side and wait out the attack, Kulu may get its beak stuck in the ground, allowing you to follow up with a combo and deal major damage. 

Rocks and Pot Attacks

You will know when Kulu is pulling out either a rock or a pot when you see Kulu start to dig. Each item is random, so you’ll never know which one Kulu will wield. The bright side to this is the two items share an attack pattern; regardless of which item has been retrieved, Kulu will swing it and slam it on you. To avoid injury, roll behind Kulu or off to one side. Kulu may also use the rock to bounce your weapons or wield either item as a shield. The pot is able to be broken with a few swings, while the rock takes a bit more effort to break.

Jump Attack 

Kulu-Ya-Ku will use its powerful legs to jump forward and cover great distances. Once Kulu lands, however, it will be staggered for a few seconds before starting to attack again. As quick as you can, you should wiredash or roll under Kulu to avoid this attack’s area of effect damage and stun.

Range VS Melee 

Range hunters can spend the duration of the fight solely aiming for Kulu-Ya-Ku’s head and inflicting damage as fast as possible. That said, you need to watch out for Kulu’s jump and pecking attacks.

Melee hunters should stick to fighting in front of Kulu, though at a slight side angle as opposed to directly facing the beast. Fighting from this angle will allow you to quickly dodge Kulu’s faster attacks. You also need to be cautious when Kulu pulls out a rock, both because of the potential damage and because its ability to deflect attacks causes your weapons to dull faster.   

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