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Khezu Op
Khezu Op

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Khezu

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If there is one enemy in all of Monster Hunter that could fit right into any horror game, it would have to be Khezu. First met in the three star quest Faceless Foe, Khezu will freak you out as he attacks by elongating his neck, lunging at you, and even using electricity to shield itself.

What to Expect 

When fighting Khezu, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to survive and prevail. Firstly, there will be no music to accompany you during the battle. This may sound like a non-issue at first, but it will interrupt your focus and may cause you to get distracted from Khezu’s attacks.

Secondly, Khezu can strike from a distance either by stretching its neck like a snake or by firing its ranged electricity attack. Being hit by these attacks will stun you and make it easier for Khezu to inflict serious damage. 


Khezu is extremely weak to Fire. If you don’t have a Fire weapon available to you, we advise that you make use of Water, Ice, or Dragon weaponry. However, these weapons won’t be as effective as their Fire-based counterparts and may cause the fight to drag on longer than you’d like. In addition, Khezu is very susceptible to Poison, with lesser weaknesses to Blast and Fireblight.

Khezu Stats


Neck Strike 

As the name implies, Khezu will slink its neck out in a snake-like fashion and bite down on you. Khezu mostly uses this attack when you are directly in front of it. To avoid this attack, keep to the side so as to avoid the attack trigger.


Khezu has two different forms of the lunge, the first being a normal jump lunge while the second is an electrified variant. To avoid both, keep an eye out for when Khezu jumps high in the air, then roll away from Khezu and keep your distance.

Electric Shield 

It will be apparent that Khezu is priming this move when its tail sticks to the ground and the air sparks with electricity. You should roll or Wirebug away as fast as possible, as this attack affects a small area around Khezu and will cause paralysis. 

Electric Shot 

Khezu will shoot three balls of electricity straight ahead. You will know that Khezu is about to shoot when its mouth sparks blue. Just roll to the side to avoid the electric balls.

Latching on to Ceiling 

Khezu has the ability to attach itself to the ceiling of a cave. Once attached, it will shoot down electricity that is easy to dodge. In this situation, you can either use a Wirebug attack to reach the ceiling or dodge the electric strikes for about a minute. 

Range VS Melee 

Range players should remember to pack a few Dash Juices as you will be consuming a lot of stamina during your bout with Khezu. You should always try to aim for Khezu’s head – its sole weak point – but take care not to get too close or you risk triggering its neck strike. 

Melee players need to stay right behind Khezu’s head and be ready to roll or wirebug away at a moment’s notice to avoid the electricity shield. Being by Khezu’s front legs will allow you to stay safe from his attacks, while still letting you strike his head and cause some major damage.    

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