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Great Wroggi Op
Great Wroggi Op

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Great Wroggi

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Having discussed the Great Izuchi and the Great Baggi, it is time to conclude coverage of Monster Hunter Rise’s “greats” with the Great Wroggi. First encountered in the three star quest Obnoxious Lord, Noxious Monster, Great Wroggi is accompanied by a small possy of lesser Wroggi, as with the great beasts before him.

What to Expect 

Similar to the Great Baggi, the Great Wroggi primarily uses a charge attack and a form of poison spit in combat. However, when not using these moves, Great Wroggi tends to leave itself vulnerable. 

The real trouble with this fight comes when dealing with Great Wroggi’s companions, as they have the ability to poison hunters and thus force the use of vital Antidotes. As they can prove a drain on your resources, you would be wise to take them out as soon as possible.

Great Wroggi Stats


Great Wroggi has an extreme weakness to Ice, with Water being a valid alternative. As a last resort you can use Electricity against the beast, though it is far less effective an option. 

With regards to ailments, Great Wroggi is susceptible to Paralysis and Sleep. The great beast does also have lesser vulnerability to Blast and Iceblight, if you are so inclined.


It’s important to know that Great Wroggi’s moveset mirrors those of Great Baggi and Great Izuchi. In addition, Great Wroggi is quick and agile, being more than capable of jumping out of the way of your attacks and keeping you on your toes. 

That having been said, it’s easy enough to predict his movements. Great Wroggi only performs three types of attack: a poison cloud move, a side tackle, and a tail whip.  

Poison Cloud 

Great Wroggi will spit a poison cloud right in front of itself. This attack is easy to avoid, so long as you pay attention to when Great Wroggi’s mouth starts expelling purple smoke. If affected by the poison, remember that your Antidotes can heal you with ease. 

Side Charge 

Great Wroggi will side charge much more often than Great Baggi, though one side step is enough to dodge this move. Just be careful that you don’t roll right into one of the lesser Wroggi. 

Tail Whip 

Great Wroggi uses this attack when he is within close range of you. Thankfully there’s no need to be afraid, as you can just use a Wirebug or roll out of danger to avoid damage.

Range VS Melee 

Range players should stay by Great Wroggi’s side at all costs, since standing in front of him puts you at risk of repeated poisoning. Use your distance from Great Wroggi to keep an eye on the lesser Wroggi and take them out as they appear.

Melee users should also stay to the side of Great Wroggi, though only just enough so that you can still reach his head to attack the weak spot. The lesser Wroggi will be able to surround you this way, but since there are only two of them it won’t be an issue. You should allow the lesser Wroggi to clump together and take them out all at once with a few swings of your weapon.  

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