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Great Baggi OP
Great Baggi OP

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Great Baggi

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Another of the Bird Wyvern monsters, the Great Baggi is first encountered in the two star quest Out Cold. .

What to Expect 

Bearing the moniker of Cunning Usurper, Great Baggi is very similar in moveset and stature to The Great Izuchi. If you fight Great Baggi in the same way that you fight Izuchi, you will find this battle is won with ease.  That said, keep in mind that there are key differences between the two beasts. For instance, Great Baggi can spit a venom that puts you to sleep, sweep his neck and tail, and perform leaps.  


The Great Baggi’s greatest weakness is Fire, followed by Water and Thunder. Any of these three choices will put you at an advantage, especially if you also rely on his vulnerability to Paralysis, Blast, and Exhaust. Fireblight can be inflicted on Great Baggi, though it is less effective than the other options in the long run.  Above all, you need to aim for Great Baggi’s head. This will cause the most damage and results in a horn break.  


Great Baggi Stats

Sleep Venom 

As mentioned, Great Baggi diverges from the attack pattern of Great Izuchi thanks to certain unique moves, such as his sleep-inducing venom spit. He will use this attack often and with great speed, though all it takes to avoid it is for you to stay to the side of his head and never stand in front of him. If you do happen to get hit, set an Energy Drink to your radial menu for quick access and consume that to stay awake.

Tail Spin 

For this attack, Great Baggi will do a full spin with his tail by winding up his body and raising his tail to his head. Once you notice this move, back away quickly to avoid the strike. Unlike Great Izuchi, Great Baggi won’t cover any ground with this attack. 

Side Tackle  

Great Baggi doesn’t have many tricks up his sleeve, but when he is cornered he gets desperate and will attempt to side tackle you in a bid to escape harm. If you end up in this position, keep hitting him to cancel his attack or dodge to the side to avoid damage.   

Range VS Melee 

Range players should be aware that Great Baggi will start leaping to close the gap between you and him, as well as using his sleep venom to render you vulnerable enough for a killing blow. Keep side dashing and maintain a safe distance to tip the scales in your favor.

Melee players will have to deal with Great Baggi’s tail and neck sweeps. Your best option here would be to keep to the side of Great Baggi and back off when he winds up his tail to attack. In addition, you should use Silkbind moves to give yourself an edge against him.  


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