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Arzuros OP movie
Arzuros OP movie

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Arzuros

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Arzuros appears as part of the second urgent quest in Monster Hunter Rise’s main story. In our experience, it seems clear this will be a good test for all the early hunters, as Arzuros attacks fast and hard with difficult-to-read movements. 

What to Expect 

Arzuros is a hard hitting bear that uses his sharp claws to swipe at you. Even once you are out of his range, his charge attack can leave you desperate for health if you’re not careful. Unlike The Great Izuchi, Arzuros doesn’t have any backup but makes up for this by inspiring a false sense of security, proceeding to butt stomp you if he is attacked from behind.


Arzuros is most susceptible to Fire, but also suffers mild damage from Water, Electricity, and Ice based attacks. If you are having trouble, be sure to farm a Bnahabra fire weapon to make the job easier. When attacking, you should aim for his head and hind legs. 

Arzuros will also succumb to Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust. He boasts heavy resistance to Water and Dragon attacks, as well as a lesser degree of resistance to Stun, Blast, and Fireblight.


Arzuros has a handful of attacks with similar tells, which makes him hard to read. However, he is slow enough that you should be able to move out of the way much easier than with other faster monsters.  

Arzuros Stat screen  


Arzuros will stand on his hind legs, raise his arms, and follow you around as he swipes his claws between one and four times in a row. To avoid this, just stay in front of him, roll off to his side, and keep rolling in a diagonal line. 

Shoulder Slam 

Arzuros will get down on all fours and shoulder slam you, which is sure to result in you being stunned. That will allow him to follow up with one of his other attacks, like a grab or a charge. Your best option here is to roll to the side in order to avoid the initial slam.


The charge isn’t something to fear too much, as this move won’t cause a great deal of damage on its own. It will, however, lead into a grab if it is not avoided. Arzuros will sprint at you on all fours and can change direction at least once, so stay light on your feet. 


The grab attacks are what cause the most damage and can be devastating to both ranged and melee players. The first grab has you being tossed a good distance into the air. If grabbed, use your Wirebug by pressing ZL and B to create distance between you and Arzuros. 

The second grab is arguably Arzuros’ most dangerous move. Your character will shout a warning as Arzuros grabs you and slams you into the ground, dealing massive damage and leaving you vulnerable due to Stun. 

Range VS Melee 

Ranged players will have an easier time with Arzuros as they already have a solid distance between them and the monster. Remember to always aim for his head and, if you find yourself too close, use your Silkbind by pressing the ZL and A buttons to leap out of harm’s way and begin recharging stamina.  

Melee users should not get in front of Arzuros whatsoever; this will leave you vulnerable to his grabs and his swipes. For your own safety, stay by his side and try to only hit his hind legs. We also advise that you not attack him from behind, or he will stun you with a butt stomp. If at any point you end up in a dangerous position, use your Silkbind maneuver or the Wirebug to make a quick escape.

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