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Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Getting O.S.P. Gunfight Mode Variant

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is spicing things up this week with the addition of an O.S.P Gunfight mode variant.

The O.S.P. (On Site Procurement) variant in Modern Warfare has most of the same mechanics and gameplay as the traditional Gunfight mode, with one distinct difference—players begin each match with no weapons or equipment. Instead, players can find weapons on the ground and hanging from various walls. Running near a weapon allows gamers to pick them up through a button prompt, and by pressing it they may arm themselves with their found treasure and prepare for the battle ahead.

In addition to weapons, players can find lethal and tactical equipment such as stun or frag grenades. Once they have their desired loadout, business commences in the usual manner—teams must take out the enemy squad in any way possible, or capture the flag during the end game to secure their victory.

A blog post on the official Activision site offers more details regarding O.S.P. mode, pointing out that players engaging in combat may want to keep in mind that they begin each match armed only with their fists, so while they may have a favorite weapon, anything they pick up at the start is an instant upgrade. Players may switch their equipped weapon out for any other they come across. One critical equipment piece available for gamers to pick up in O.S.P. mode is the Stim, which replenishes health to maximum—something which seems as if it may come in handy.

Interested readers can check out the official blog post on the Activision site to learn more about O.S.P, including some details and tips to help them prevail over the enemy team in every match.

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