Min Min from Super Smash Bros

Min Min Added to Super Smash Bros Roster

Nintendo announced today that ARMS Min Min will be coming to Ultimate Super Smash Bros as the new DLC character on mini-Direct. She will be available on June 29 for $6. The purchase will also come with 18 music tracks from the ARMS game.

MinMin will also be the first fighter to come the Ultimate Fighter Pass Vol. 2. More fighters for the pass will be revealed soon, the pass will include 5 more fighters to be announced leading up to the end of this year. Nintendo also revealed a Fallout Vault Boy costume for Mii fighters and are working on Hero amiibos as well.

ARMS is another fighting game and Nintendo Switch exclusive. It was released in 2017 around the time the Switch was also released. Like Smash Brothers, it is a third person fighting game. The game is focused on long distance punches and players use movements and buttons to attack unlike Super Smash Brothers, which uses joysticks for movement.

Similarly, Min Min’s attacks in Super Smash Bros will be most effective at long-range. Super Smash Brothers director Masahiro Sakurai noted that she will struggle in close-quarters combat. MinMin will have a unique combat style, as her A and B buttons are mapped to each individual arm, which will do different unique attacks. Her arm attachments can also be swapped like in the original ARMS game.

Ultimate Super Smash Brothers has sold over 18.8 million copies worldwide, and the fighters passes will allow more content to be made available for both casual and competitive fans. Sakurai has stated that he plans on introducing six more challenger packs, which will include more fighters for the future. However, Sakurai has said that Nintendo currently does not have plans for more fighter passes in the upcoming future.

Source: VentureBeat

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