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Sir Dan swinging his Sword
Sir Dan swinging his Sword

MediEvil Remake Looks Enchanting

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Fans of MediEvil on the original Playstation were happily surprised when a remake was announced. We had only seen snippets of game play since the announcement until now. Take a look at this game play demo.

Here is an official statement from Sony Interactive Entertainment, who is publishing this title:

Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a slightly-inept (and long dead) knight accidentally resurrected by his greatest enemy, the evil sorcerer Zarok. With a second chance to foil his greatest foe, Dan will once again set out to save the kingdom of Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero.

When the Spyro remaster came out not too long ago, it teleported every ones favorite purple dragon into a Pixar movie. Crash Bandicoots remaster did something similar. Both of those games felt inherently the same, just with a fresh coat of paint. Medievil looks like something more.

Other Ocean Interactive, who is working on this full blown remake, seems to have found their own style. The Gothic rich tones and haunting yet cartoony character models take on a new life of their own. The game seems to be doing a great job at retaining what fans love of the original, while putting their own spin on it.

The textures look dreary yet lush, while the character animations seem to ooze with their own incessant life. The creaking and rattling that Sir Dan’s bones illicit familiar memories, even while being altogether new. So much of this demo looks so familiar but feels so fresh. The hack and slash game play is pretty much the same but having the enemies reactions now feel so dynamic looks so amazing. The environments look absolutely enchanting. The originals always had a deeply unique feeling and this retains that. The music is also fresh and new. Many of the themes return but with neat little details changed here and there, creating something unique.

This was a great treat for fans of the original title and hopefully will capture a new audience.

Medievil is set to release on October 25, 2019 as a Playstation 4 exclusive.

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Source: PSU

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