Mafia IV

Mafia IV – Potential Leak Tantalizes Fans

A potential leak regarding Mafia IV made the rounds on reddit last week, which, if true, should excite fans of the franchise.

Redditor u/TheTruthTeller1985 posted information he claims to have received from three separate sources: two former developers for Hangar 13, and a journalist, all of which remain unnamed. It must be pointed out that u/TheTruthTeller1985 mentions they are posting from a throwaway account, and there is no documentation provided to support this leak. However, such precautions are sometimes necessary to protect sources and leakers from legal repercussions.

The reddit post reminds readers that Mafia IV started prototyping stages after Mafia III finished its DLC season, but was then cancelled in favor of an original IP. It then goes on to state that this original project wasn’t finding much traction, and so a small team was put together which became Hangar 13 in Brighton, UK. This team picked up their original ideas for Mafia IV and it is now in production.

u/TheTruthTeller1985 goes on to say that according to his sources, the game will be set in 1970’s Las Vegas, and continues the story where Mafia III left off. “You will play as a new protagonist,” reads the post, “and it will return to you playing as the Italian Mob in Vegas’ golden years of organized crime.” Further, the leaker states that the game will feature a “huge map,” and that the story will span the entirety of a decade.

The leak also discusses some planned mechanics for Mafia III that “have made their way into Mafia IV,” such as an empire building system u/TheTruthTeller1985 describes as “far more in-depth than anything I’ve heard of in any game before.”

Interested readers can check out the original leak here and determine for themselves the veracity of the information contained within.

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