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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – We take a Spooky Look

It’s been 18 years since the first Luigi’s Mansion game was released on the GameCube first in Japan, and later in America. The 3DS saw a reboot of the franchise in 2013, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but while this title gave fans the reboot of a nostalgic favorite, many felt that it lacked any new concepts, and didn’t keep the player interested throughout.


For the first time in the series, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will take place in a setting other than a mansion. The location for this game will be in a multi-tiered hotel called the “Last Resort.” The plot, though, is as classic as it gets; you’ll be playing as Luigi to save your friends from this haunted nightmare with the help of Professor E. Gadd and your new Poltergust G-00. The playstyle will likely be a welcome homage to the previous titles, with one pretty big twits: you’ll now be playing as both Luigi, and Gooigi. But we’ll get into that later in the article.

The announcement of this title came as a surprise to fans, as it had been since 2013 that the last Luigi’s Mansion game had been released. Since the announcement, however, Nintendo has been showing off a lot of gameplay and providing a ton of information on how this new title compares to the series. In this article we’ll cover what we’ve heard about the game so far and some things that we’re looking forward to when it’s released.


From what we know the plot to Luigi’s Mansion 3 will stick the familiar style of solving puzzles throughout various stages while fighting different types of ghosts. The stages will be organized in floors of the hotel, with different themes for each, such as a film studio or pirate ship. Each floor will contain various puzzles that will progress you towards a boss. The boss of every floor will have an elevator button in their possession that Luigi will need to ride the elevator to the next floor. The ultimate goal, as with all Luigi’s Mansion games, is to save your friends by making your way through every boss until the hotel is rid of ghosts, although there will be minigames in addition to this main plot. There will be various difficulties and styles of ghosts that you will fight along each floor, and different strategies will be required to defeat them. It’s good to see that Nintendo stuck with the original style overall from the first Luigi’s Mansion, while adding enough new features to keep things interesting.

Poltergust G-00

This new vacuum-flashlight-weapon that Luigi was given by Professor E. Gadd hasn’t been seen in previous Luigi’s Mansion games, but seems to be pretty straightforward, and should be familiar to fans of the series. There will be moves that allow Luigi to freeze ghosts temporarily with the flashlight, throw them around with the vacuum, and even create a blast around the player to push ghosts away when crowded by enemies. From what we’ve seen this new Poltergust seems to be a great tool for Luigi to use, and looks like loads of fun for this game style.


One of the biggest additions to this game that players will notice immediately is the goo alter-ego to Luigi, dubbed “Gooigi.” This goo version of Luigi will be used throughout the game to reach places and solve puzzles where the regular Luigi can’t travel. There will be dangers such as spikes that Gooigi can pass through, and even various cutscenes and sections of levels where Gooigi will be used exclusively as Luigi stands by, motionless. This additional character means that Luigi’s Mansion 3 will support an in-depth two-player story mode, so if you want to grab a friend to play through this game you’ll have a blast. The game doesn’t require two players, though, and will be unaffected when played by only one person. If played in single-player you will switch between controlling Luigi and Gooigi, often times switching over to Gooigi when a piece of a puzzle needs to be solved for Luigi to pass. This new way of playing Luigi’s Mansion seems like it’s a great way to freshen up the series while sticking to the original idea of the game.


This new mode added to Luigi’s Mansion will allow up to 8 players to participate in an objective based game. The overall feeling of this mode is very similar to the single player campaign, but the puzzles and ghosts you’ll encounter will be geared towards a group of people rather than one individual player. This is definitely another feature that we can’t wait to try out when the game is released!

Art Style

From everything that’s been released, Luigi’s Mansion 3 holds true to the series as far as its design. With darker colors and dim lighting throughout there’s a clear “spooky” theme to go with the concept of the game, but obviously the graphics have been ramped up to meet modern standards for the Switch. Aside from the regular artistic stylings that we would expect to see from a Luigi’s Mansion game, there will be a lot of fun new settings that we’ll see as well. With every floor being a different theme, you won’t get bored with seeing the same areas or having the same feel throughout the whole game.


While this game hasn’t been released at the time of this article, we definitely have a pretty good idea of what we’ll see based on gameplay and information that Nintendo has shown off so far. The Luigi’s Mansion game released for the 3DS was reviewed well, but lacked a fresh take on the series that many fans were looking for, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 seems like it should deliver in this area. It really can be tough for a developer to create a sequel that sticks to the original feeling and style of the previous games in its series, while adding new features and looks that make the sequel it’s own game. Again though, from everything we’ve seen so far Nintendo has done just that. We really hope that this game lives up to the incredible gameplay we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

This game will be released on October 31st, Halloween, of 2019 and will be priced at $59.99.

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