LoL: The Honor System

The League of Legends Honor system is created with the purpose of encouraging players to
behave in a positive manner during their matches. This is achieved by incentivizing players,
who positively impact their games, with tiered rewards. This system is fair in a way that it
rewards those who show sportsmanship and punishes those who do not. During the season
and at the end, players will receive Honor rewards based on the tier they achieve.
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The Honor system so far

The latest update to Honor was the special Honor Recall, awarded to the most honorable
among players. This proved to be effective, as players’ behavior shifted for the better overall.
However, this addition did not affect how players perceive the Honor system, as they would
still honor teammates for their contribution to the match, rather than for their positive
behavior. Riot was trying to influence players into behaving positively in order to attain the
special recall, but since the Honor Recall has nothing to do with how players honor each
other, the overall honoring behavior remained the same.

Updated Honor Rewards

Currently, players can receive a Level 5 Capsule for reaching the highest Honor tier. Within
said Capsule, players are awarded key fragments, Blue Essence, champion shards, emotes,
and an Honor 5 Token. This token could be redeemed for either Medieval Twitch or Grey
Warwick and their respective chromas.

The community showed their dissatisfaction with the Honor rewards as the skins themselves
are not perceived worthy of the effort. Why act nicely in-game to only get non-epic,
mediocre skin? Riot Games, thankfully, noticed this and came up with a solution: the Three
Honors skin line, which will be made available this year and will feature the Three Honors
Malzahar. This skin line will replace the annual new chroma additions for Medieval Twitch
and Grey Warwick, but the skins and their chromas will still be redeemable.
Calculating Honor

Receiving honors and participating in matchmade games are both ways for players to climb
the Honor levels. So far, there is no Honor progression system that shows players how far
they come. The developers do not want players worrying about how far they are in earning
Honor rewards, as this could discourage them from behaving honorably once they obtain
these rewards.

There are a total of 6 Honor levels, with the first Honor level beginning at 2, meaning every
player starts the new season with level 2 Honor. This is applicable only if a player ended the
previous season with an Honor level 2 or higher. Levels 0 and 1 are for the most
dishonorable and can be achieved through bad behavior. There are three tiers of rewards for
each Honor level, Honor Orbs, Honor Capsules, and loading screen flairs.
Acts benefiting your Honor progression

At the end of each matchmade game, players will have 40 seconds to honor one of their
teammates in one of three categories, ‘Stayed Cool’, ‘Great Shotcalling’, or ‘GG <3’.

· Stayed Cool is meant for those who kept their cool during the match.

· Great Shotcalling is generally awarded to players who displayed good leadership skills
and made some cool plays.

· GG <3 is for those who were a blast to play with overall.

The more often players act positively, the quicker they gain Honor per game. If everyone on
your team honors someone, the whole team will receive extra Honor regardless of whether
someone got honored or not.

Receiving Honor from matchmade teammates is worth more than getting honored by your
premades. This is the case to avoid abusing the Honor system to obtain rewards quicker. The
game mode players queue up for drastically impacting their Honor gain; Ranked games offer
the most Honor, followed by Normals, ARAM, and Featured Game Modes, and finally Co-op
vs AI.

Acts harming your Honor progression

Any form of unsportsmanlike behavior will harm your Honor progression, meaning your
Honor level will be affected according to the severity of your actions. Here’s the full list:
· Non-severe bad behavior will result in temporary slow experience gain.

· Chat restriction will demote the player to Level 1 Honor or Level 0 if already at Level 1.
· A ban of 14 days will instantly demote the player to Level 0 Honor.

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