The League of Legends Lookout: Spring Split Sunday Edition

League of Legends

The League of Legends Lookout: Spring Split Sunday Edition

Welcome back Summoners to The Lookout! We’re here bringing you your Sunday paper, and we’re flipping you today right to the Sports section. We’ve been keeping a lid on goings on this week until the main event: the LCS 2016 Spring Split Playoffs! And have we got some revelations for you! Lets jump right in, starting with…

E-Sports: Team Solo Mid Defeats Cloud 9 in 3-1 Split

League of Legends

In what has to be one of the most shocking outcomes all split, Team Solo Mid defeated 3rd place team Cloud 9 in a 3 to 1 series that saw some of the most impressive play from Team Solo Mid we’ve seen all season. The team finished 6th place overall going into the playoffs, with a 9-9 record, one of the weakest finishes in TSM’s history. The team has been plagued by miscommunication issues, trouble with getting their all-star lineup to coordinate successfully, and disappointing loses to lesser teams. It was a sentiment greatly reflected in their own TSM:Legends reality show, with now infamous title cards such as “Hardship”, “Work in Progress”, “Oversight”, and “Tough Split”.

But that ‘hardship’ seems to have passed with the help of team sports psychologist Weldon Green and owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh, who took it upon themselves to address the issues the team faced in a constructive manner, and motivate the team to overcome their barriers. And evidently it has payed off in spades; Team Jungler Svenskeren played an unparalleled Graves in match 4, garnering 11 kills and never once dying. Team Captain and Mid Laner Bjergsen showcased some never before seen plays and champion picks in Vel’Koz, racking up tons of damage on the opposing Cloud 9 members, and keeping their team fights clean.

TSM now moves into the Semi-Finals, where they will take on the number 1 seed Team Immortals on their way to the Finals.

E-Sports: Team Fnatic Defeats Team Vitality

League of Legends
They say there are three things assured in life: Death, Taxes, and Team Fnatic in the Playoffs. That notion seemed doubtful this split for Fnatic, who struggled early on to find themselves amongst roster changes and shakeups. Add to this the preponderance of EU super teams this split, including Teams Unicorns of Love, Origen, H2K, and Vitality, all composed of veteran LCS players looking for a chance to surmount the former EU West champions, and you begin o feel as though Fnatic were fighting a very uphill battle.

But despite all this, Fnatic has shown it can deal with adversity; a notion they proved against Vitality, going 3-1 in their matchup. The first game alone showed just how fearsome the Fnatic lineup could be, with not a single member of the team dying. As if this weren’t enough, Fnatic racked up an amazing total of 55 kills in their 4 matches against Vitality, an average of almost 14 kills each game! Let there be no mistake, Fnatic is hungry for championship gold again, and they’re carving a bloody path on their way to the top.

E-Sports: Team Liquid Shuts Out Team NRG E-Sports


But if we’re talking about blood thirty teams, we can’t forget to talk about Team Liquid, who completely shut out Team NRG 3 to 0 in their match up. Rookie player Dardoch showcased some especially amazing jungle plays on his Lee Sin and Gragas, garnering a total of 16 kill on his own, more than any other player on Team Liquid in total. It’s especially impressive when considering Liquid’s own Piglet has been considered one of the most kill efficient players in the game worldwide. With this performance, its very easy to see why Dardoch earned his Most Valuable Rookie award from Riot this split.

With this win though, Team Liquid will face off against the previous North American LCS Champions, Team Counter Logic Gaming. The question on every Team Liquid fan’s mind now is: Does Team Liquid finally have what it takes to break a Curse? We’ll have to wait and see.

E-Sports: Team Origen Shuts Out Team Unicorns of Love

team origen

But hold on! Team Liquid isn’t the only one shutting out teams. Across the pond, Team Origen has shown great resilience all season. Composed of veteran members of the EU West LCS, Origen has emerged as one of the great ‘super teams’ of the split. And if you think Fnatic’s numbers were brutal, Origen put up a staggering 61 Kills combined in their 3 games against Team UOL, another ‘super team’ that was just as considerably consistent all season. When it comes to predicting outcomes, league analysts like to say that everything is up in the air in EU West; with games like these, it’s easy to see why that is.

With this win, Origen will face Team H2K in the semi-finals; a match-up where I’m sure we’ll see an equally messy blood bath.

That’s it for now Summoners! But the Spring Split action doesn’t stop here! Join us next time for our coverage on the Summer Promotion Tournament, and the Spring Split Semi-Finals! We look forward to seeing you on The Rift!

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