Kill La Kill the Game: IF is Not Censored

Kill La Kill the Game: IF is Not Censored

Kill La Kill the Game: IF is a game that’s coming out this month that is based off the incredibly uncensored anime, Kill La Kill.

Arc System Works has recently gotten some criticism saying that the game could be censored sense the game is based off of the removal of clothing is many cases while fighting. Well it seams like the company has released a statement that answers this question, as they made an announcement on Twitter to address this issue here.

“I’m putting this to bed once and for all, you crazy conspiracy theorists… The game has NOT been censored in anyway. The Japanese, EU, and NA versions are identical. So, just stop it. kthxbai”

As the game is to be released in July 25 on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, the company also released a trailer guide to playing the game showing off Ryuko’s moveset here.

Check out the previous trailers for Kill la Kill: IF here.

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