How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft Prison Servers

There are hundreds of incredible custom game modes for Minecraft. The community is constantly producing new and exciting games for us to enjoy. But sometimes it’s good to return to the classic custom game modes. The ones that have been around since the early days such as One Block and Bed Wars.

One of my favorite OG custom game modes is Prison. It is one of the more social game modes out there. A lot of popular prison servers are more geared towards focusing on the social aspect of the game. But today we are going to be examining the gameplay elements of Prison. And, more importantly, telling you to survive and thrive on Minecraft Prison servers.

Picking The Right Server

Before you go anywhere you need to take the time to find the right server. Because not all Prison servers are created equal. As we said before, some Prison servers are more geared towards the social aspect of Prison mode. These servers often make the gameplay a lot easier.

Gameplay focused Prison servers have two major settings you should look out for. The first is if guard mode is enabled. The second is if the server is running mods or not. The official Minecraft server website has a few prison servers listed, but more prison servers are listed here at Server-Minecraft.net. 

The Prison Basics

When you first join a Prison server you will spawn in the lowest grade cell block. The area reserved for the worst criminals out there. You will be assigned to work in the mines each day, with a limited amount of free time between shifts.

The premise of Prison is simple, you need to earn money to buy ranks. Each rank moves you to a better cell. Eventually you can buy your freedom from the prison. You earn money by selling the ore you mine back to the prison or trading with other players.

Throughout the prison you can find or buy contraband. This is another great way of making money. But you do need to be careful. Prisoners aren’t always the most upstanding people and there is a chance they will attack you and try to steal your contraband. Or you could earn contraband by killing other players and stealing from them. But be careful. You don’t want to invoke the wrath of the guards!

Guard Mode

Guard mode is essentially the normal Prison experience except some players will take on the role of guards. Not every Prison server will have guard mode enabled. But when it is, it completely changes the game.

The guards are there to help enforce the prison rules. Making sure prisoners are back in their cell on time. Making sure they show up to work and don’t slack while on the job. And, most importantly, breaking up fights and confiscating contraband.

But just like in real life not all prison guards are going to be upstanding people. Corruption runs rampant in prisons. And guards have the ability to trade with the prisoners. They can sell off their confiscated contraband or pay prisoners to carry out shady jobs for them, such as roughing up a prisoner they don’t like the look of. 

Tips For Survival

Surviving in Prison mode might seem simple but you need to think ahead and make plans if you want to have any chance of rising up to the freedom rank. So here are some tips for surviving and thriving.

One of the best ways of surviving in prison is by forming alliances. As we said before, Prison servers are very social places. So you should use that to your advantage and try to bond with your fellow inmates. You might even consider joining a gang. This will help protect you from anyone hoping to steal your contraband. 

You also want to keep the guards sweet, if there are guards. You can do this by performing missions for them or sneaking them some of your contraband for free so they can sell it onwards. Guards are powerful figures in the prison. Which means they are powerful friends to have.

Working Hard

In the early stages you will have limited access to contraband or the black market. So you need to focus on working in the mines. It might be tempting to sneak off from your shift to explore or go socialize. But we recommend you put in a few shifts of hard work so you can at least move up the first few ranks. 

Once you’ve gotten up the ranks you will be able to start collecting contraband. But you need to be smart about where you hide it. Your cell is going to be the first place people look for loot. So it might be worth hunting for some other hiding spots around the prison.

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