Halo: MCC With Halo Reach Announced For PC

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Yes you heard it right. The Halo: The Master Chief Collection is hitting PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. Whilst the release date is still unknown, 343 Industries plan on rolling out each gaming included in MCC one at a time. This allows players to jump in and play Halo on PC without having to wait for the entire MCC to be available.

The other new announcement is that Halo Reach will also be joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This is a long time fan request that many Halo fans will be happy to see finally come into fruition. Halo Reach will be the first game to be launched on PC as part of Halo: MCC.


Are you excited to play Halo 3 on PC? Will you be getting your old Halo 2 or Halo Reach teams back together? Let us know what you think on our Twitter at GI_Tweets. You can also read more about the upcoming Halo game Halo Infinite on Gaming Instincts.

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