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Grand Theft Auto Online Getting Major Update

Rockstar Games has announced that two major updates will be coming for Grand Theft Auto Online as well as Red Dead Online in the coming weeks this summer. This update will include a new role for Red Dead Online called the Frontier Pursuit Role, which is much more focused on nature and exploration.

It has been confirmed that players can expect the Red Dead Online update next Tuesday, which will introduce the concept of naturalism to the game. There will also be a brand new outlaw pass, as well as community-requested features, bug fixes, and “much more” for the summer.

The summer update for Grand Theft Auto Online is also on the way, and it will include an “entirely new location” for players to explore. There will also be entirely new heists and missions for the new location. Fans can expect more news to come from Rockstar in the upcoming weeks.

Rockstar has also confirmed that they are making “extensions and augmentations” to an existing role in Red Dead Online. They have also stated that this will be the “biggest ever” update to be introduced to GTA Online.

Rockstar is also taking into account community requests, and are implementing a number of way of life improvements. For example, they have added musical instruments to Red Dead Online and a Master Control Terminal in GTA Online that will allow players to run all businesses through it.

Red Dead Online players have felt that there has been a lack of update for too long, and have taken up to dressing as clowns in protest. They will be glad to hear of the upcoming update.

Source: VG247

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