God of War release date leaked on the PlayStation Store?

God of War’s PS4 release date appears to have been leaked ahead of Sony’s official announcement.

The God of War PSN page listed the game for a March 22 release exclusively on PlayStation 4.

While the listing has since been removed, the same date appeared on the Chilean PSN store page.

Sony has previously said that the likes of God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit: Beyond Human would launch in the first half of 2018, so a March 22 release date does seem believable.

Sony hasn’t said a word about this yet, and likely won’t until the PlayStation Experience event rolls around later this week. It could also reveal the release date as soon as The Game Awards, as several Sony titles, like Horizon Zero Dawn, are up for notable honors.

It looks to be a very legitimate listing, but until we get official confirmation from Sony, take it with a grain of salt. Still, it could fit into place with a schedule that also includes Detroit: Become Humanand Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, along with other titles that are set to release on PlayStation 4.

We’ll see what the company announces, and let you know when God of War is ready to rampage your PS4. We’re definitely due for our Kratos fix.

God of War will release in 2018.

God Of War

If the God of War release date is, in fact, real, then gamers can expect an announcement is right around the corner. Sony has its PlayStation Experience event this coming weekend, and there are sure to be tons of announcements and reveals during the pre-show press conference. As the first major PS4 release of 2018, God of War is all but guaranteed to be there, and now it seems likely that a release date announcement could punctuate whatever presentation Santa Monica Studio prepares.

But even if Sony doesn’t date God of War, there is a good chance that fans will see new footage from the game, as this is one of the last opportunities for the studio to “sell” its game. Much like they did with Horizon: Zero Dawn last year, Sony should put a lot of attention on God of War – along with Days Gone, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part 2 – assuming the game is still releasing in early 2018.

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