News The First Descendant Will Receive Hard Mode Matchmaking


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Jul 6, 2024


Nexon recently announced on the official Twitter account for FPS adventure game The First Descendant that the game will receive a matchmaking option for the public Infiltration Operation Dungeon on Hard Mode. Players are currently unable to find others to play the end game content with unless they add them in manually.

“We’re preparing a hotfix that includes matchmaking for public Infiltration Operation (Dungeon) on Hard Mode. We’ll update as soon as possible, so please stay tuned!” Reads the post. The First Descendant is available now launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.
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I haven't played this yet so I have no clue how everything works , plays and feels. I am assuming this is a good thing?
This game has a love and hate relationship. It’s either liked or disliked. Nothing really in between. I like it though. Also agree it needs like extra fillings outside of any active missions or outdoor activities, as it’s an open world, but it’s like “empty” nothing is happening. Unlike with the division 2 as an example, the whole place outside of safe zones are literally in a constant conflict. You can literally see different npc factions combating with each other. This is what The First Descendant is lacking off. The rest are cool. Okay maybe different boss mechanics as well, as there are literally the same. Deplete the health, then 3 orbs appear, take those down, so boss can get damaged, and repeat til the boss is down. Also the void interception are cool, but it’s always the same dimension, place of the “raid boss fight”.

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