Fortnite: Is the Heavy Shotgun The New Double Pump?

Fortnite’s most recent implementation to the game, the heavy shotgun, has some mixed emotions swirling around it. After giving the gun some time to settle into a state of comfort within the meta, I feel comfortable claiming that the user is really the one to decide whether this weapon is viable or not. There are several main uses for the shotgun as of right now. There is the standard use, in which the player wields one heavy shotgun and uses it at a range between close and short. In this realm of use, it functions as a lower damage pump with the fire rate of a Tac, and the range of a SMG. This is the most common use for it within the game, seeing as it appears to be the way the game designers planned on it being used. However, in this case, it almost feels like a worse version of the other two options, like the poor mans Tactical Shotgun. In many cases, players seem to prioritize a purple Tac over a legendary heavy.

The second major use of the gun is pretty rare to encounter, but can be devastating if used properly. Personally, I tend to be a highly aggressive player. I shoot for high kill games and push every fight I can get my hands on. With my play-style, wielding two heavy shotguns (if I can find two of them, that is) is a viable way to go. The heavies work just like the classic double pump. They switch smoothly, and players have just enough time to fire off a shot before rotating to the next, and so on. Rushing the other guy while still being able to keep some range and use this strategy feels really good. If you are able to switch guns quickly and still have a high level of accuracy, two of these bad boys in conjunction is devastating and will shred your opponent within one or two rotations.

Heavy Shotgun Compared to Other Weapons

Assuming the heavy shotgun will take the second and third position in a players hot-bar; (the first spot being the infamous AR’s we’ve all grown to love, the fourth and fifth being shields/healing respectively) i’ll compare this new weapon to what would be other secondaries, such as another shotgun, snipers, heavy weapons, or even additional healing and decide which is the most viable in any given situation.

Heavy Shotgun V Pump Shotgun: When comparing these two guns to one another, the most notable differences in the damage. As many players have grown accustomed to, the Pump is able to do 200+ damage with one head-shot. Even for players with full health and shield, this is a kill. Of course, this implies that you have to be super close and land a perfect head-shot. This leads to the advantage that the Heavy Shotgun does have over the pump, and that’s aim / fire-rate. The Heavy is viable at almost twice the range of the pump and fires faster (which may be better if you are not confident in your accuracy). Between the two, the player must decide if the loss of damage is worth the trade-off.

Heavy Shotgun V Tactical Shotgun: These two weapons are actually very similar. While the Heavy does have more range then the Tac (and seemingly slightly more damage) the Tactical is able to be used at extremely close range very quickly. Plus, you don’t have to be as accurate to win gunfights. Many newer players will take a Tac over a Heavy in almost any situation, while more experienced players typically go with the Pump anyways. Using the Heavy against a Tac player really only works if there is a small amount of distance between them.

Heavy Shotgun V Bolt-action (or other long-range snipers): When it comes to choosing between a sniper or the heavy shotgun, the only case in which there is even really a choice is when the player only has a crossbow. My favorite gun in the whole game is the Bolt-action sniper, so this may be slightly biased, but the heavy is never worth losing the long distance fighting potential of a sniper, especially late game.

Heavy Shotgun V Explosives: The choice between a heavy shotgun or an explosive weapon such as a rocket or grenade launcher comes down to player preference. When looking at the ups and downs, is the tradeoff of extra close range strength for fort destruction capabilities. Fortnite is a base building style of game, especially on PC and in the late game, so often the explosive weapon is the way to go.

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After comparing the various guns to the heavy shotgun, the most viable option is really up to the player. While in most cases, there are better options; the heavy shotgun is simply fun to use. I would claim that the only reason to use it over any other gun, is to enjoy it. While it may not be as viable as many other options, the double heavy shotgun is incredibly fun to play with and feels like the good old days of a double pump.

How do you feel the heavy shotgun holds up? Is it a viable option? Do you enjoy using it? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for latest daily news, reviews, tips & tricks and much more.