Fortnite Adding Reboot Vans

Fortnite Adding Apex Legends Style Reboot Vans

When Respawn Entertainment unveiled their epic battle royale title Apex Legends, no one saw it as a potential threat towards reigning champion Fortnite. Once players had time to dive deep into the game and digest the evolved formula, it was clear that the new battle royale title just did certain things better than Epic’s free-to-play title.

With the reception to Apex Legends being mostly positive, Fortnite creators have taken notice. In the next update to Fornite, the game will be receiving new “Reboot Vans” that directly take influence from Apex Legends’ – as well as a few other titles – re-spawning beacons, which are one of the many features that takes the BR genre to the next level.

After a member of your squad falls in battle, players may then retrieve their loot and reboot card, which is needed in order to utilize the reboot van. Also, once the van has been activated, players will no longer be able to use the same van again for a specific time period.

However, there are a few new additions to the re-spawning system heading to Fortnite. Upon players activating the new rebooting system, a siren blares out and signals nearby enemies of your location. Also, depending on how many players are being summoned back into play, spotlights shine through the skies to signal all players left in the match. It seems like quite the risk to bring back downed squad mates.

While adopting various elements from one game to another is nothing new in the industry, it seems the battle royale genre is becoming a competition on who can implement every genre leading feature in their game first – and Fortnite is leading the charge. However, Apex has been at the heels of Fortnite since its launch, and has introduced far more inventive and original concepts to the game mode than any other title in the genre.

Fortnite’s update 8.30 which will introduce the reboot van is scheduled to arrive next week.

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