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Dragon's Crown
Dragon's Crown

Five Great Games Featuring Fairies

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Over the centuries, fairies have emerged from a disparate number of sources from European folklore, including German, English, Celtic, French, and Slavic folklore. There have always been lots of different takes on fairies, such as good fairies, bad fairies, mischievous fairies, and pretty much everything in between. Today, you will find all manner of fairies in many popular games. Here are five of the best.

EverQuest II

There are several MMORPGs that feature playable fairies. The greatest is arguably 2004’s sequel to EverQuest. In the 3D fantasy MMORPG EverQuest II, there is an excellent range of interesting fantasy races, including two fairy options. You can play as the Fae fairies, who are mischievous but good, or the Arasai fairies, who love to torture.

Year Walk

Set in the fictitious Swedish town of Vedtorp during the late nineteenth century, the 2013 adventure and puzzle game Year Walk follows the young Daniel Svensson who goes on a Year Walk, an ancient Swedish tradition, in which he hopes to see glimpses of his future. After meeting a variety of fairies and mythical creatures from Swedish folklore and embarking on quests given by the fairies and creatures, Svensson sees the future, in which he will discover whether the woman of his dreams Stina Nilsson actually loves him. Year Walk is a unique game that you are sure to love playing, whether you are a fan of fairies or not.

Pixies of the Forest

It is not only video games like Year Walk from the Swedish game developer Simogo that feature fairies. There are also slot games that feature the legendary creatures, such as the superb pixies of the forest slot. You will feel as though you have been propelled into a magical land of fairies and pixies as you play the reels that are located under the canopy of a tree in a mythical forest. The 3D graphics and animations are gorgeous and the smooth soundtrack with its bird song, magical chimes, panpipes, and chucking fairies really adds to the fantasy fantasticalness of this game.

Odin Sphere

Originally released in 2007, Odin Sphere is an action RPG that includes beat ‘em up-style fighting systems. The story follows five characters in the fantasy land of Erion, while a war rages on between the nations of Ringford and Raganival as they fight for the ultimate weapon, known as the Crystallization Cauldron. One of the most memorable characters from the fantastic Odin Sphere game is Mercedes, the queen of the fairies. After being crowned at a young age due to the death of her mother, the pure Mercedes had to grow up fast. She develops exceptional leadership skills and soon becomes respected by her fairy people. However, things do not end well for the fairy race in Odin Sphere, as you will find out for yourself if you play the game.

Dragon’s Crown

In the hugely successful 2013 side-scrolling beat ‘em up action RPG Dragon’s Crown, you take on the role of an adventurer exploring the dungeons of the Hydeland kingdom. Along the way, you will come across Tiki, a mischievous fairy who has been imprisoned in a cage. Once you rescue her, she joins you on your adventures and helps to guide you. Tiki can be very helpful, but she can be difficult to cope with too. As well as being mischievous, the fairy likes to get drunk a lot. She will actually swim in goblets of wine when given the opportunity! Tiki is certainly one of the most memorable fairies of any game.

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