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Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Soundtrack Design, Preorders

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Fans of both Final Fantasy VII and its glorious soundtrack will be pleased to hear that Square Enix Music has shared images of the final design for their Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake 2LP vinyl set.

The two-album vinyl set is being released in conjunction with Sony Music Masterworks. The limited-edition vinyl piece features twenty tracks selected with great care, from both the long-awaited FFVII remake and the timeless masterpiece of a game that came before it.

Contained within a triple fold jacket featuring the image of Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword as well as the destructive magic of Meteor stamped in silver foil, the luxurious package includes two picture discs of iconic Final Fantasy art. Both discs feature Cloud on one side, and Sephiroth on the other, in two of their most recognizable moments from both the original game and the upcoming remake.

Alongside the vinyl set’s design, Square Enix shared the full list of which music tracks made the cut and fans can look forward to hearing.

Disc 1, Side A: The Prelude, Tifa’s Theme, Let the Battles Begin!, Flowers Blooming in the Church
Disc 1, Side B: Turks’ Theme, Hurry!, Scorpion Sentinel, Final Fantasy VII Main Theme
Disc 2, Side C: The Prelude, Opening – Bombing Mission, Tifa’s Theme, Shinra, Inc., Let the Battles Begin, Turks Theme
Disc 2, Side D: Flowers Blooming in the Church, Who… Are You?, Fight On!, Fanfare, The Chase, Final Fantasy VII Main Theme

Readers who would like to pre-order the FFVII and FFVII Remake 2LP vinyl set can do so by clicking the image below:

Product Link:

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