Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Start as PS4 Exclusive

Gamers without a PlayStation 4 who are excited to play the Final Fantasy VII remake may want to think about getting one of the consoles—as the highly-anticipated upcoming re-imagining of the original game will begin its life as a PlayStation exclusive title.

A tweet earlier this week pointed out an interesting detail regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake box art. A sticker on the lower right hand corner informs fans that the game will remain a PlayStation timed exclusive until March 3, 2021—a year after its initial launch.

This news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to many gamers, as Final Fantasy has historically been a franchise associated with the PlayStation, since the launch of the original Final Fantasy VII in 1997. In addition, another tweet in the same thread pointed out that when the game was officially announced, the trailer read “play it first on PlayStation.” Still, some players may feel a bit of surprise at the length of time Final Fantasy VII Remake will remain exclusive to PlayStation.

In other Final Fantasy VII news, the design art for the soundtrack’s massive double LP vinyl set was revealed today, along with the track list featuring some of the most iconic music from the game—with one notable absence in One-Winged Angel. Music enthusiasts who enjoy collecting vinyl discs may want to check out or pre-order the collectible set, featuring gorgeous artwork of Cloud and Sephiroth in their most iconic moments from the game.

Square Enix also released this week a new wallpaper and selection of avatars featuring Barret Wallace, and a Thanksgiving treat from the US PlayStation official blog gave fans a glimpse at some exciting combat mechanics and adorable, cute, fluffy chocobos.

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