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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Come to Xbox One, According to a Leaked Poster

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As far as we know, Final Fantasy VII Remake is officially a PlayStation 4 exclusive game. It’s set to be launched in several episodes with the first part coming next year. Neither Square Enix nor Microsoft has said a word on the launch of Final Fantasy VII for Xbox One, but there are enough titles from the series that made their way through Microsoft’s current-gen platform in the past. Recently, a Reddit user has seen a sight of the game’s confirmation for Xbox One on a poster from FFVII Remake.

According to the image Gaddict1 has shared, the poster represents an image of Final Fantasy VII Remake while both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One logos have been listed below the release date. The poster is in Japanese, probably in a retailer at Japan, but do we need to trust the listing? Well, it might point out a timed-exclusive deal between Sony and Square Enix. Maybe the game is set to be launched on Xbox One as a full package when the final episode comes out.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Poster

On the other hand, we still have enough time ahead for a surprising announcement from Square Enix for all Xbox One owners. Sony has presumably got the marketing rights for Final Fantasy VII Remake, so it could cause a delay on the official confirmation by Square Enix for an Xbox One version of the game.

Right now, the same thing seems to be happening for Death Stranding which has been removed from PS4-exclusive list in all PlayStation websites.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on March 3 next year.

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Source: SegmentNext

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