Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII: New Screenshots Show Shiva & More

Square Enix released a plethora of new screenshots for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, teasing fans of the franchise with even more action shots of Aerith, gorgeous scenery, and a stunning reveal of Shiva’s updated model.


In addition to the bright and colorful shots of Aerith and Shiva, Square also gave fans some nostalgia by releasing screenshots of some of the most iconic moments and locations in the game, such as Tifa’s spot upon the well in Nibelheim, where she and Cloud once reminisced. Sephiroth’s flaming glory outside of the Shinra mansion appears as iconic and breathtaking as it was in the original, and Shinra Headquarters manages to appear almost calm and tranquil, despite housing the evil corporation who is sucking the planet dry of its resources. The train graveyard oozes with the same spookiness that infested it over twenty years ago.

Other new screenshots include Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, Sephiroth in Shinra Headquarters, President Shinra himself, and good old Heidigger, Shinra’s right-hand bully.

The Final Fantasy VII remake has been all over the news in recent weeks, with a brand new trailer for the game—featuring spiky-haired protagonist Cloud—debuting at the Game Awards ceremony on December 12, 2019. Cloud’s trailer was almost immediately followed by a trailer for martial artist Tifa Lockheart, as well as a series of wallpapers and avatars featuring the deterimed young woman. These trailers were also preceded by a trailer and wallpaper/avatar set for potty-mouthed eco-terrorist Barret Wallace. With Cloud, Tifa, and Barett all receiving this treatment, fans can anticipate Aerith’s trailer will see its debut very soon, if not this week.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled for release on March 3, 2020, and will remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive title for an entire year following launch, at which point the game will make its way to other platforms. Fans who are excited and enjoy the game’s soundtrack can pick up the collectible double-vinyl set with some amazing artwork here.

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