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Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII – New Chocobo Screenshots and More

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Fans waiting for the Final Fantasy VII remake are hungry for anything they can get their hands on, and a post on the US PlayStation blog today offers a bunch of new screenshots, along with a handful of details that should whet player’s already-expansive appetites.

Two of the new in-game screenshots show the weapon upgrade menu for Cloud. Each weapon has unique abilities, and the character’s proficiency with each weapon increases as they are used. When an ability’s proficiency level reaches the maximum, the weapon’s wielder then learns that ability and can then use it even when they are using other weapons.

Other new screenshots show combat action, with captions that explain a little bit about the battle system coming in the Final Fantasy VII remake, including the ability for players to switch from the newer-styled combat system to a ‘classic’ mode. Classic mode is similar to the original game’s combat system, with each character possessing an ATB (active time battle) gauge that fills to indicate their readiness to take action. In Classic mode, players need only select which abilities, magic, and items they wish to use their ATB gauges for.

In addition, the triangle button will activate each character’s unique ability, such as Cloud’s skill at swapping between fighting styles. Cloud can fight either in “operator mode” with a good balance between attack and defense, or “punisher mode,” which is geared more toward offense but also lowers Cloud’s movement speed.

Other screenshots show more combat, the delightfully fluffy and feathered Choco/Mog summon, Cloud playing darts at Tifa’s Seventh Heaven, and the smiling face of Jessie, who fans of the original title will remember as the AVALANCHE member who seemed to have a bit of a crush on Cloud at the beginning of the game, creating his false ID and winning player’s hearts with her enthusiasm—until those hearts and Jessie herself were crushed when Shinra brought down one of Midgar’s upper city plates on the Sector 7 slums.

Interested readers can check out more screenshots of the Final Fantasy VII remake here.

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