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FIFA Crowd Will Be Present at Premier League Restart

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The gaming industry will again step out of the usual for of entertainment and will allow fans of the Premier League to enjoy the restart of the football with FIFA crowd ambience noise that simulates a full stadium.

Recently, the English Premier League announced the restart of competitive matches after the COVID-19 postponement, the downside is that fans are not allowed assist any of the upcoming fixtures. While an empty stadium is interesting for the most enthusiast as it allows to hear what players, and tacticians are shouting, there is also the downside of the not so nice things players tell each others.

Certainly, an empty stadium is eerie and gives fans the sensation of watching a practice match,, the Premier League authorities has decided to implement the simulated crowd noises of FIFA 20 in order to adapt to the new conditions of football. Fans will be able to switch the audio of the broadcast to select the simulated crowd on or off.

“We want Sky Sports viewers to still feel it all and have the best possible viewing experience – even if they can’t be in the stadiums or watch with their family and friends,” said Sky Sports managing director Robert Webster.

The Premier League will restart on Sunday, June 17. The historical moment for the gaming industry and the sport will begin at the Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United and Manchester City vs. Arsenal. Is still uncertain how the practice will adapt to the reality, the simulated crowd works perfectly in FIFA, the crowd can be heard whistling after a bad performance, acting in surprise after a decisive moment like a penalty doubt or a nasty foul. Is very likely that those features will not be present in actual live matches.

Source: EuroGamer

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