Episodic Adventure Game The Lion’s Song Revealed

The Lion’s Song

Episodic Adventure Game The Lion’s Song Revealed

Austrian developer Mipumi Games has revealed their episodic narrative adventure game The Lion’s Song. In four episodes, the game will take players on a journey of great minds searching for inspiration and struggling to succeed under pressure.

Starting with the first episode in Q2 2016, The Lion’s Song will be initially released on Steam for PC, with iOS and Android versions following soon after.

Watch the announcement trailer of The Lion’s Song:

The Lion’s Song is set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria with every episode following a different character. Each of those is an exceptional mind and the game draws players into a story of personal struggle for creativity, human connections and inspiration: a talented composer suffering from writer’s block just before her breakthrough concert, an up-and-coming painter growing through his challenges and a brilliant mathematician trying to make her voice heard in a men’s world. The choices players make in The Lion’s Song will have a direct impact on the storylines of all episodes and ultimately determine if the protagonists do find the success they are working for.

“I think everybody knows the nagging doubts when struggling with creativity at some point in their lives, but also the overwhelming joy when good ideas just seem to come to you magically. With The Lion’s Song we want players to explore how other creators deal with the ever-present pressure of success”, says Gregor Eigner, producer and co-founder of Mipumi Games.

Originating from a well-received game jam production for Ludum Dare 30, Mipumi had focussed on expanding The Lion’s Song into a full game experience. Four episodes will be released on PC, iOS and Android platforms, with the first instalment coming to PC in Q2 2016. The game will be playable in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Formore information visit The lion’s Song  official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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