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Epic Games Store to Launch On Mobile

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talked about plans to unveil a Epic Games Store on mobile devices. In a recent interview, Sweeney discussed the difficulties of competing with valve’s online distributer, Steam.

“We’d like to bring the (Epic Games) Store to iOS in the future, and we will bring it to Android,” Sweeney said. “We think it’s a good way to help the industry forward and it’s another way where Epic as a game developer had built up this audience around Fortnite and learned how to operate a distribution platform on PC and Android.”

“”Now, as we’ve done with many things from the Unreal Engine to the Epic Online services, we open it up to all other developers to use with their games and are trying to serve the industry and provide a really interesting alternative to the ecosystem.”

This is not the first time Sweeney expressed interest in creating a mobile distributor. In a 2018 interview, Sweeney spoke about wanting to bring a distribution platform to PC and Mac in 2018, and android in 2019.

Additionally, the mobile Epic Games Store is likely already in the works, as the Fortnite launcher received an update on android devices, and now works as a Epic Games launcher. The launcher has not appeared in Apple’s app store yet.

The existing Epic Games Store is home to exclusives such as Fortnite, World War Z, and Outer Worlds. Information regarding Epic’s Unreal Engine can be found there too.

While fans wait for the new Epic Games Store, they can check out the huge sale on Epic Games’ launcher on PC. The sale features up to 70% off on select games, including Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and Control. Moreover, a $10 off coupon will be applied for every game purchased during this sale. Moreover, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is now free on the Epic Games store.

Source: GameSpot

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