Elsword Annual April Fools Celebration Brings a Lot of Content

Elsword Annual April Fools Celebration Brings a Lot of Content

It was announced by The Elsword team, that they love to roll up their sleeves, let their hair down and get their hands dirty… by being of service. In keeping up with the yearly tradition, one of the rare occasions where they get to shake off the confines of designing to lore, story and the toils of the ever-expanding world of the MMO, the team is going all out and letting out the 2017 April Fool’s Butler and Maid Packages for Elsword and the gang. In addition to the in-game version of these items and events, any purchase of the premium costume packages from the Elsword Shop will include the splendid, illustrated April Fool’s Butler and Maid Custom Skill Cut-In! These skill cut-ins will be unlocked for all players to use only on April 1st, 2017.

Check out the April Fool’s event of Elsword, featuring the costumes of the Butler and Maid Packages:

“Get ready for some spring cleaning as the El Gang gets dolled up as Maids and Butlers with these epic costume sets, Skill Cut-Ins and customization items.

You know why April Fool’s Day is so cool? Anything can happen. One minute you’re one thing and then you’re something else the next! Crazy stuff!

The event features:

  • Edel’s Butler Dungeon: A brand new, themed Butler Dungeon where players get themed Maid and Butler for completing the Dungeon
  • The number of cubes players get will depend on their rank upon clearing the dungeon! The cube contains all manners of useful stuff including maid and butler costume pieces and accessories
  • For those dedicated collectors, clearing the Dungeon 20 times awards you an awesome accessory ~ Fluffy Dust
  • 2X Exp and Unlimited Stamina on April 1! 
  • There’s also one surprise that’s going to happen this April 1st. Whatever could it be? Iunno, but log-in to find out!

All of these items will only be available for a limited time. So… be our guest, get in-game, play your Manga!”

For more information on Elsword, visit its official website.

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