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Six New FIFA Games
Six New FIFA Games

EA Confirms Six New FIFA Games In Development

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Speaking to investors, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson affirmed that six new FIFA games are being developed for iOS and Android. Those games are designed to fill the gap in new genres and new markets.

Wilson also reiterated that the “six new FIFA titles” are a part of a revised strategy planned by Jeff Karp, a returning executive who left EA in 2011. Karp adds now to his experience working on Zynga and Big Fish Games.

Jeff Karp’s new mobile strategy that will rely on external developers and publishers “in the context of licensing or co-development or co-publishing, or in some cases acquisition.”  This statement from EA could suggest that Zynga and Big Fish Games could be involved with some of the six new football games for iOS and Android.

Jeff Karp is EA’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Games, according to Wilson, he stressed the need of developing more games for mobile devices, FIFA and Apex Legends seems like the IPs with the most potential for making the jump.

“[Karp] has a tremendous network out there in the mobile sphere,” Wilson said. “And there are a lot of great developers out there who have… a lot of experience and expertise, but they do not have the IP to build their games around or the marketing muscle to really drive acquisition and what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.”

FIFA Online is a title available for free in the Asian market, the company also developed FIFA Ultimate Team games for Android and iOS, featuring online matches and the same settings seen on PC and consoles. The title now available in Asia could be one of the six new FIFA games, with other titles being more like FIFA Street or FIFA Volta games.

During the same meeting with investors, EA also announced an extension for the NHL and UFC Licenses, earlier this year the NFL also extended their partnership with EA for the Madden franchise. The company is also appealing Netherlands’s decision to fine EA for the Loot-Boxes present in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Source: Games Industry

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