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Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial
Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial is now available on PS4 and STEAM

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial is now available on PS4 and STEAM

Today KOEI TECMO announce that Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial, a free version of their popular franchise is now available for PS4 and Windows PC via STEAM and will be available on the Xbox One on November 21.

In Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial, you can choose up to three characters in a roster of 90 playable characters, this time you can explore the open world of China, you can change the balance of war and history. Also the Trial will have multiplayer Online Co-op mode so you can play with other who have the trial of the full game.

Also KOEI TECMO announce that the game will have a season pass which will bring new weapons, costumes, scenarios and more content in the future.

Check out the Trailer:

The trail contains two modes. Online you can play with six characters, though only two will be available at any given time on a rotating daily schedule. In story mode you can play as three characters from the 90-strong full roster. There are no time limits so you can combo useless infantry guys forever.

There’s a caveat here: the game ain’t great. It features a huge open world but it’s mostly empty, and it spreads the combat thin across huge areas.

It’s a shame. I have fond memories of the series from years gone by, because it’s one of the few games that lets you air-juggle 40 warriors with a pair of fans. The free trial seems generous, though, and you might have a better time with it than I.

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