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Doom Eternal on Stadia
Doom Eternal on Stadia

Doom Eternal Gameplay on Stadia Boasts the Power Within Google’s Platform

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Stadia is the new platform in gaming industry with a whole new idea that has never commercialized by anyone before but it seems Google is eager to start new generation with new ideas which could make a great competition between the American giant and three other big-heads in developing gaming hardware through years ahead.

Just for the beginning, Stadia will be supported by id Software and Ubisoft at launch, aside from Google’s first-party studios which are working under supervision of Jade Raymond. Although Ubisoft didn’t announced any upcoming title for Stadia, id Software confirmed its anticipated Doom Eternal for the new platform with an impressive gameplay trailer during GDC 2019.

Players will be able to run Doom Eternal on 4K resolution with 60 frames per second on Google’s streaming platform. I know that the trailer below, because of its off screen recording, is not the way you want to see the power of Stadia through it, but at least it provides a quick look at how the hardware is running games and whether there is an obvious difference between the experience via Stadia in comparison to typical platforms or not.

Doom Eternal is the only confirmed game for Stadia so far, but we will probably see more of upcoming games for the streaming platform during E3 2019, where Google could make its first debut in history of E3, specially in absence of Sony. Doom Eternal and Stadia both have not got an exact release date yet, but they will come out till the end of 2019.

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