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Dontnod Reveals First Screenshots Of Vampyr

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vampyr-01Dontnod Reveals First Screenshots Of Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment, the French development studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange, is hard at work on their next big project titled Vampyr and it has the screenshots to prove it. The company originally posted some preliminary pieces of concept art showing an interestingly gloomy and dismal depiction of England during the early 20th century. This certainly is appropriate, given that the game’s premise is set in the backdrop of the Spanish flu pandemic that left the population crippled and demoralized.

Assuming the role of the recently transformed vampire and military surgeon named Jonathan E Reid, you will be able to interact with the many inhabitants of London and either help them or hurt them. Regardless of your choice, Reid will eventually have to feast on human blood. With accomplishing tasks and getting know the townspeople, you will have to earn their trust so you can lure them into your clutches. It is a an interesting thematic and mechanical approach to a stealth action experience. It seems like a neat twist on the Assassin’s Creed formula to say the least.


A big thing to note about this project is that it is powered by the Unreal 4 engine and it most certainly shows. The transition the team has made from it’s initial concept art to in-game renderings looks pretty solid. The dark and dreary visuals set clear of tone terror and underlying misery that will riddle the London streets. You can see the first slew of screenshots below.

The game is boasting dynamic combat with supernatural creature as well as cunning vampire hunters that will try to catch you off guard with potent weapons and traps. The player will also be allotted and arsenal, featuring melee and ranged weapons as well as special powers being a byproduct of Reid’s recent transformation.

Vampyr is currently set for release sometime in 2017 across the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. It will a be genuine treat to see the game in action once the Dontnod team is ready to show more.

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