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Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal – Gameplay Trailer, BlizzCon Details

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While overshadowed by the announcement of Diablo IV this past weekend, BlizzCon did not go its entirety without mention of Diablo Immortal, the mobile continuation of the Diablo III story.

In the wake of D4’s much-applauded and long overdue official confirmation, Blizzard also released a new gameplay trailer for Diablo Immortal. The footage showcases some of the locations, character class abilities, and class introduction cinematics players will see in the game. Interested readers can view the new gameplay trailer below:

In addition to the new gameplay trailer, Blizzard also provided franchise fans with more information regarding the features in development for Diablo Immortal and confirming the Demon Hunter as a fourth playable class. Also new, players will now be able to unleash powerful Ultimate Abilities for each class as they fight their way through hordes of demons. These Ultimate Abilities are based on and charged by the basic attacks of each respective class, and were outlined as follows:

  • Barbarian: Blood and Fury—Empowers the Lacerate ability by increasing its attack range, repelling enemies, and providing reinvigorating life steal with each hit.
  • Demon Hunter: Bullet Rain—Empowers the Crossbow Shot ability by allowing it to hit multiple enemies with each attack and increasing your movement speed.
  • Monk: Lightning Flux—Empowers the Fists of Thunder ability by allowing players to teleport to new targets, generating a thunderstorm whenever an enemy is defeated.
  • Wizard: Full Power—Empowers the Electrocute ability by increasing the number of targets the electricity can bounce to, and allowing players to move and attack simultaneously.

As appropriate for a Diablo game, Immortal will contain an array of legendary items for players to find and equip, offering an astonishing array of awesome armaments at gamer’s disposal. A robust list of game features to come includes guilds, greater rifts, multiplayer dungeons, brand new zones, an updated Paragon system, in-depth inventory management, character skill selection, and more.

Diablo Immortal was originally unveiled during BlizzCon 2018, and was met with mixed audience reaction, followed by a chorus of boos chasing after the now-meme of a statement that was “Don’t you guys have phones?”

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