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DarkEden Origin Will Launch Globally on July 31st

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DarkEden Origin Will Launch Globally on July 31st

It was announced by Softon Entertainment CO., Ltd (CEO Yoo Tai Ho), that DarkEden Origin set to launch globally on July 31st, 6 P.M. PST.

Check out the trailer of DarkEden Origin, featuring some gameplay footage:

“<DARKEDEN ORIGIN> is based on a whole new world set at a point on 200 years after <DARKEDEN> world.

It features a battle between races and player killing in open world, and trendy game design including sophisticated art design, easy-to-learn and differentiated concept combined with DARKEDENs’ unique, nostalgic features. Therefore, ‘Adult’ gamers can easily enjoy the game.

Celebrating DARKEDEN ORIGIN’s Global Service, SOFTON ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD launches Open Memorial Event.

If users play the game from July 31st to August 16th, ▲Buffs and daily rewards will be given ▲ [Fortune Cookie] will be rewarded per hour. ▲ [Lucky Package], a gift bag which rewards various items randomly will be given after joining a guild and then slaying 3,000 monsters. Additionally, it will also launch collaboration event with DARKEDEN.

Yoo Tai Ho, SOFTON ENTERTAINMENT CEO, stated: “DARKEDEN ORIGIN can stir nostalgia about classic MMORPG. We will do our best to provide unique and new contents to enjoy. Please look forward to it.”


Gamengame is an online game portal site of KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) which supports Korean game enterprises.

Its service started from 2010, Gamengame provides various genre of game services such as SPORTS, FPS, RPG, TPS to global countries (North/South America, Asia, Europe, and more).

The main agent of this service is KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency), and EC21 and NEXMOON takes part in marketing process.”

For more information on DarkEden Origin, visit its official website.

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